Cali Raised Moto FXR/P/T Fairing LP9 PEM Studded Bracket

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FXR/FXRP/FXRT Original Harley Fairing Mounting Pattern Bracket

Note: This does not fit the Square Dominator Mounting Pattern. Be sure to measure your fairing. There are many people splashing the look of this fairing and selling it as a FXRP faring but use a "OtherThan" original Harley Bolt 4 Bolt Pattern Mount. 

This Mounting Bracket fits the Original Harley Davidson Pattern. (wider across top bolts and more narrow on bottom) 

We mount 4x 5/16x18 Pem studs into our bracket so you will not need to attempt to install the LP6 after the bracket is in place.  

The LP9 does not normally fit behind the glass on FXR/P/T fairings and may require you to cut the lense if you want it back on the bike.


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