Cali Raised Moto 14+ Touring Dual Baja Designs RTL-M Tail Light Bracket Kit

Light Brackets
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Touring Tail Lights are now available from Cali Raised Moto!

This is currently a Pre-Order to begin shipping Late November! We have the lights IN STOCK and are building harnesses to make kits daily! 

Before you order:
Please watch the video in the photos to understand the options available. You can order either setup no matter what model you have, however, you may need to have your BCM flashed at your local shop or dealer. 

The tail lights utilize a total of 2 Baja Designs RTL-M's as Running, Brake, and Turns. 

Our mounts bolt into the factory rear fender supports to allow the mounting of the RTL-M without tying to smash it into the original tombstone holes as others do. 

**Our setup will maintain Baja Designs factory warranty as our kit does not damage the integrity of the light itself. 


Please note: Some touring tail lights will require a BCM tweak at your local Harley Dealer or Moto Shop to set your tail lights and brakes to function together.

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